Famitsu boss: PS3 price cut in 2007

Next-gen.biz reports that just as Wii outsold PS3 by a ratio of four to one in the last week of January – and even PS2 outsold its successor – the president of Famitsu publisher and Japanese sales analyst Enterbrain stated:

“There could be a price cut for the PS3 by the end of the year, and more software titles will hit the market. I expect the PS3 to be doing better after a while. Of course, the Wii will keep running ahead all the while.”

Media Create revealed that during the week of January 22nd-28th, Nintendo console Wii shifted 80,000 units, while PS2 sold 21,000 and 20,000 PS3s flew off the shelves. Xbox 360 brought up the rear with 7,000 units sold.

Monthly stats place Wii as top seller again, with 400,000 consoles sold, while 150,000 gamers snapped up a PS3 in January. It totals up to 1.4 million Wiis sold in Japan since launch, while PS3 can boast of a 614,000-strong user base in the territory.

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