Farewell, Mr PlayStation

Chris Deering, the founding president of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, announced his retirement earlier this week. Most recently he moved over from SCEE, where he was latterly chairman, to take up the reins heading up Sony Europe. But since the switch last April, he has remained close to the video games industry – and still warmly regarded by his former colleagues and rivals.

“The influence of Chris Deering was felt worldwide,” offered Nintendo UK boss David Yarnton. “It was a real pleasure to move to the UK and have the chance to spend time with Chris. He has added a lot to the industry, not only in Europe, but also in all PAL territories. And I wish him all the best on his move back to the States.”

Future CEO Greg Ingham added: “One of the best things about Chris is that he is the most un-corporatelike of corporates. Even in an industry that venerates individualism and loves to believe that its execs are not too obviously playing the game (as it were), Chris stands out.

“One of the best squaring of circles is that he has managed to be the industry champion par excellence – while being Sony through and through for many years. He must have been a deeply frustrating man to compete with!”

“Chris is the kind of rare person you have the great chance to meet during your career,” offered Ubisoft’s EMEA MD Alain Corre. “He had a lot of faith in us when Ubisoft emerged 10 years ago with Rayman on PSX. When we do the next Rayman game next year, we’ll dedicate it to him.”

And Codemasters’ CEO Rod Cousens added: “Chris is a pioneer in our industry. He is worldly, understands global markets and, in taking over SCEE to project the PlayStation to the fore, performed miracles within the Corporation and for the industry, benefitting many. His combination of intellect, business savvy, understanding - while being a man of the people - is rare.”

Deering is heading back to the US ‘to pursue personal opportunities’, with his family now already residing Stateside. His retirement commences November 1st. Taking up the role of president at Sony Europe is Fujio Nishida who joins from Sony Corporation. Sony chairman Sir Howard Stringer offered: “The company will long benefit from all the initiatives he has put in place.”


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