FEATURE: Manhunt ban ‘erodes civil liberty’

Ben Parfitt
Aside from its implications for gaming and Rockstar, the editor of UK website Spong has claimed that the BBFC’s recent decision to ban the game from sale in the UK, and ELSPA’s subsequent backing of the move, has set a dangerous precedent that threatens civil liberties.

Speaking in this week’s MCV, Hartley stated: “I vehemently disagree with the BBFC’s decision to refuse certification. I strongly believe we need to communicate to the games industry that we should be rallying round and supporting Rockstar in any attempts the company might make to have the BBFC’s decision overturned by the Video Appeals Committee.

“Manhunt 2 should clearly have an 18-rating and not be sold to minors. As responsible adult gamers and as an industry we need to work with and encourage ELSPA, PEGI and the BBFC to better educate parents (and retailers) about age-ratings and improving the ways in which they enforces and police sales of 18-rated games in particular.”

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