FFXIII to go multi-platform too?

First it was Grand Theft Auto, then yesterday it was Devil May Cry – and now another one of the PlayStation’s crown jewels could be heading multi-platform with the news that Sony has not yet secured Final Fantasy XIII exclusivity.

In an interview with French site DNA, SCE’s vice president Georges Fornay claimed that his company is still ‘under discussion’ with Square Enix about the possibility of FFXIII remaining a PlayStation-exclusive title.

Previously, MMORPG FFXI has been the only recent Final Fantasy game to branch out onto non-Sony formats, with Xbox 360 and PC versions also being released.

Many of the older pre-FFVII titles have seen handheld conversions in recent years, and Nintendo has enjoyed its own line of spin-off additions to the series.

But if FFXIII were to arrive on Xbox 360, or any other non-Sony console, it would be the first time since the mid ‘90s that a numbered Final Fantasy offline instalment has deviated from Sony’s brand.

However, as development costs rise, platform exclusivity is becoming a rare commodity, with developers keen to give products every chance of recouping their development costs.

PS2 exclusive Final Fantasy XII recently topped the ChartTrack All Formats Top 40 for two weeks following its release.


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