FIFA 11 for 97p

Ben Parfitt
FIFA 11 for 97p

UK supermarket Asda will at midnight tonight begin selling FIFA 11 for just 97p.

The price is available for anyone willing to trade-in one of either Halo reach, Dead Rising 2 or F1 2010 and applies to both the Xbox 360 and PS3 SKUs.

In addition, the game will be offered for £29.97 without conditions. The game can also be ordered on Asda Direct for the same price.

However, the supermarket cutting the hardest this year appears to be Sainsbury’s. Frugal Gaming reports that the chain will be selling the game for just £24.97 to any customer who spends £30 or more in-store. The single buy price is £34.97.

Tesco is selling for just £25 but again, there’s a condition – you need to buy another chart title to get the deal. Morrisons is running the same deal, though it only goes as low as £27.99.

Interestingly, no chain has chosen to match Tesco’s extraordinary offer last year when it offered FIFA 10 for just £24.97, no strings attached.


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