FIFA 14 price roundup - where's cheapest?

Ben Parfitt
FIFA 14 price roundup - where's cheapest?

One of the biggest releases of the year arrived at midnight last night, but retail is again playing it safe with its pricing for FIFA 14.

Much as we saw with Grand Theft Auto V earlier this month, no-one has gone super-low on the game, with the UK’s supermarkets roughly aligning with their pricing for EA’s title.

Tesco is offering the lowest base price for the game – £39. It is also selling copies for £33 for those who pick up an Xbox Live or PSN points/membership card at the same time.

Asda has a standalone price of £39.97 although it will cut £5 off that if you also pick up a year’s Xbox Live membership.

Sainsbury’s has a slightly higher baseline price – £43.99 – although it will drop this to £32.99 for those who spend £30 or more on shopping at the same time.

Morrisons is selling the gamer for £39.99 if you can find a store with any copies.


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