First UK ‘chipping’ conviction sets precedent

July 5th by Neil Long

An ELSPA investigation has led to the first-ever UK conviction for modifying an Xbox console to play pirated games.

A 22 year-old Cambridge graduate who sold ‘chipped’ Xboxes with 80 pre-installed games online for £380 has been sentenced to 140 hours of community service and has been ordered to forfeit all seized equipment and pay £750 costs.

“This case today sets a major precedent which marks a milestone in the fight against piracy and in protecting the games industry’s intellectual property,” said ELSPA’s Mike Rawlinson (pictured).

“It sends a clear message to anyone tempted to become involved in chipping consoles that this is a criminal offence and will be dealt with accordingly. The modification of consoles is an activity that ELSPA’s anti-piracy team is prioritising – it is encouraging to see UK courts do the same.”


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