Fischer: Social gaming craze will fade

Ben Parfitt
Fischer: Social gaming craze will fade

In a rare voice of calm amongst a tidal wave of enthusiasm, the president and CEO of Square Enix US has said that he can’t see the current hunger for social gaming lasting forever.

"I grew up a gamer, my entire career is in the games industry,” Mike Fischer told Gamasutra.

“So even though right now things like social gaming is already hot, and it's attracting a lot of VC attention, I'm not confident that a lot of that interest will still be there in a number of years as some other category becomes hot down the road.”

Furthermore, Fischer believes it’s actually dangerous to pay too much attention to what could potentially be passing fads.

"For us, it's not about picking winners in the different platforms,” he added. “It's about having great IP and fitting that to the best platform for it. We want all of the platforms to succeed."

In fact, Fischer goes as far as to say that his company’s “passion” for games is more important to its success than anything else.

"I'm lucky because we do have an organization really, from top to bottom, that's passionate about games, and that includes myself," he claimed.

"That gives me confidence in a long term success as well as just the fact that the trends that right now happen to be hot in the gaming area. Certainly this is a tumultuous time, but unlike some of the other console transitions that we've had in the past, some of the changes in our industry, this is the first time I can recall where we're talking about our audience significantly growing."


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I agree with him on this. In my life, I've seen many "fads", if you will, come and go, and there's been a number of casual games that came and were forgotten about by core games proving their overpowering worth. Think of some of these titles: Habbo Hotel, the chat room/gaming hybrid that saw millions of kids worldwide sign up an avatar of themselves. Creative Habbos even came up with games they could play for fun and develop themselves using the movement and text capabilities, as well as virtual reality role-playing of hospitals and bars. It truly seemed like it was going to be the biggest online community ever, forever. However, after 10 years, its popularity has declined by far, and now new social networking browser-based games like Club Penguin have opened up and it seems like it'll be the next Habbo Hotel. It's not just these styles of games that have seen their popularity cease after a period of time. and were two of the most used websites in the early 00s, particularly from kids who were bored at school and adults who were bored at work. Years on, these websites are both seeing large dips in popularity and internet traffic.

This will be likewise when the popularity of Zynga Facebook games, other browser-based gaming sites, and games on smartphones will be phased out when something else comes along that will grab the attention of iPad users and developers, and people will be hooked on apps like light-saber noises, a fart in a can and a yo-yo that drops and spins on the screen as you shake the touchscreen device.

Kevin Murphy

Kevin Murphy STUDENT
Jul 24th 2011 at 9:42PM

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