FM 2007 due on October 20th

Developed by Sports Interactive, the title adds 100 new features to its predecessor, which became the second fastest-selling PC game of all time last year, shifting over 100,000 copies in its first weekend.

Additions include a working boardroom, allowing CPU-controlled chairmen and CEOs to make decisions above their manager’s head, and a new youth development system. The biggest innovation is affiliate clubs, which lets gamers recruit smaller teams to ‘feed’ their side new talent in exchange for favours and the pick of loan players.

"The completion of Football Manager 2007 on PC, Mac and Intel Mac represents a big step forward in the Football Manager series," said Miles Jacobson, managing director, Sports Interactive. “We’ve taken great care to listen carefully to all the wants and needs of our loyal fans and have delivered a game that is undoubtedly our best."

Last week, Jacobson told the SI community forum: "The new features in Football Manger 2007 make it incredibly user-friendly and strengthen the overall gameplay. By adding such things as the greatly requested feeder club system, we demonstrate not only an awareness of our fans but also a drive to expand the experience."


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