Fourth FFXI expansion on the way

Five years after its overseas debut on PS2, Square Enix’s MMO Final Fantasy XI is set to receive its fourth expansion pack, entitled Wings of Goddess.

The add-on is due for simultaneous release on PC, Xbox 360 and, in Japan and the US at least, PS2 later this year.

Details remain scarce at the moment, though speaking to Eurogamer director Koichi Ogawa confirmed at present there are no plans to translate the game for the Spanish and Italian markets.

“It took us around a year and a half to add German and French translations to the game as it was only ever designed to display Japanese and English,” he stated. “Sadly we don't have the time to do the same localisation job for Spanish and Italian users as there simply aren't enough subscribers from those regions.”

Since its debut, Final Fantasy XI has gone on to become the dominant MMO in the Japanese market. The PS2 version never arrived in Europe as the game requires the PS2 HDD to run – a peripheral that was never released in Europe.

Last year FFXI became the first MMO to arrive on Microsoft’s Xbox 360, though it has since been joined by Sega’s Phantasy Star Universe.


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