Friday's Five-Second Facts

Dominic Sacco
Friday's Five-Second Facts

Read and remember these stats that MCV has put together so you can sound clever at the next Monday morning meeting.

Profit for Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices division during Q4 2011

Read more: Growth reported at Microsoft's Xbox division

Lawsuits Sony faces in the US relating to the PSN outage earlier this year

Read more: Sony facing 55 lawsuits over PSN breach

Raised for charity GamesAid at both the Develop Awards and this year’s industry poker tournament

Read more: GamesAid raises over £2,000 at Develop Awards

Rovio wants Angry Birds to be the first entertainment brand with this many fans

Read more: Rovio chases 1bn users

Year-on-year drop in Nokia smartphone sales, with units falling from 25.2m in Q2 2010 to 16.7m in Q2 2011

Read more: Smartphone sales plunge 34% in dismal quarter for Nokia

Ubisoft’s Q1 sales – a drop of 36.3 per cent compared to the year before

Read more: Ubisoft FY Q1 sales fall 36%

Price of the top-of-the-range Modern Warfare 3 Turtle Beach headset

Read more: Lygo distributing £250 MW3 headset

Mega Man titles scrapped by Capcom this year following the cancellation of 3DS title Mega Man Legends 3

Read more: Mega Man Legends 3 is scrapped


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