Friday's Five-Second Facts

Dominic Sacco
Friday's Five-Second Facts

Read and remember these stats so you can sound clever at the next Monday morning meeting.

The price of Nintendo 3DS at Tesco.
Read more: £115 – 3DS price wars begin afresh

The number of units Just Dance 2 has sold in the US, making it the most successful third-party Wii game.
Read more:  Just Dance 2 joins Wii 5m club

The number of exhibitors at Gamescom, a ten per cent increase over 2010's event.
Read more: Gamescom 2011 tops 550 exhibitors

The amount of lost sales on the High Street because of the UK riots, according to Kelkoo.
Read more: Riots cost retail £80m

The amount of money made from game sales in the US during July, the lowest single month since October 2006.
Read more: US games market tumbles to five year low

The number of units that LA Noire has sold globally.
Read more: LA Noire sells 4m, Duke Nukem hits profit, diversity promised

The number of titles that will be available on OnLive when it launches on September 22nd.
Read more: OnLive UK: September 22nd launch

The value of Apple as the iPod manufacturer became the world’s biggest company.
Read more: Apple becomes world's most valuable company


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