Full Wii web channel goes live

The final version of the Wii Internet Channel has been made available for download by Nintendo.

Nintendo has improved on the trial Channel released earlier this year by introducing a new type of zoom, more scrolling options and increased simplicity.

The new browser, which is powered by Opera Software, also features a parental control system and the ability to turn the toolbar on or off. It will remain a free download until June 30th.

Nintendo and Opera considered user feedback from the original version of the Internet Channel before making the changes.

“The Opera-powered Internet Channel for Wii is about making the web easy to use for anyone, at any age," said executive VP of devices for Opera Software Scott Hedrick.

"We received a lot of user feedback after the Christmas release of the original version, and based on that feedback we have created a browser that is clean, intuitive and made for viewing on the TV.

“Working with Nintendo has been great education for us as browser makers, and has helped us to make a product that matches Wii's ability to reach across generations and bring enjoyment to all."


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