Further Sixaxis rumblings emerge

Sony has given its strongest hint yet that a revised PS3 joypad featuring rumble technology is in the pipeline, with God of War II developer Cory Barlog saying that he expects the feature to be used in the as-yet unannounced God of War III on PS3.

In an interview with GameSpot at GDC, Barlog stated: “We’re excited about the potential to maybe have God of War hero Kratos in 1080p with the Sixaxis and the vibration. Vibration is coming back to the PS3, that’s pretty cool.”

Barlog went on to play down the talk a little, but remained suggestive: “If we were to do a God of War III, it would absolutely be on the PS3 with the tilt-sensitive Sixaxis, and maybe a little rumble as well. That’s pretty badass, but we’ll wait and see.”

Sony recently paid over $120 million to settle an ongoing lawsuit with rumble technology firm Immersion.


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