Future backs Official PlayStation mag

The Ziff Davis Game Group, publisher of the US version, has announced the title is to close following the news that SCEA intends to shift focus to digital media.

“This is a matter between Ziff Davis and Sony US,” the UK spokesperson told MCV. “In the UK and Europe, Future continues to enjoy a long and successful relationship with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. This deal has been further cemented this week with the release of our third Official title in the UK – the brand new Official PlayStation Magazine, which focuses on the PS3.”

US Official PlayStation Magazine will cease publication after its January issue. In a statement from the publisher the closure was in part attributed to the decreasing demand for cover-mounted demo discs that has resulted from the increased focus on console digital downloads.

However, the UK Future spokesperson added: “Our unofficial US magazine that does not include a monthly demo disc outsells the Official title each month, typically by around 20 per cent.”

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