Gaikai chases 10m users

Dominic Sacco
Gaikai chases 10m users

Gaikai has set itself a target of reaching 10m monthly active users through its affiliates programme.

The online cloud gaming streaming service – which allows users to play demos by streaming them through their internet browser – wants to hit this milestone by autumn this year.

The news comes following Gaikai’s deal with Walmart which will see the retail giant’s website host game demos using the streaming service.

“Our first target is to get ten million monthly uniques that we can push these game experiences out to as a way to help the publishers and the online retailers address more audience,” Gaikai’s CSO Nanea Reeves told Gamesindustry.

Gaikai hinted it may offer more than just game demos for its publishing partners – such as full games.

“The challenge is you get a customer that might be playing a game in their browser but they can't play the game on their Mac. In that case we’ve been approached – how do we support that customer, and can we transition them to an always-on full game stream?”

The firm says rival OnLive – which is launching in the UK later this year with a micro console TV adaptor and wireless controller – has a “very different business model” compared to Gaikai.

Gaikai is also testing its service on the iPad and iPhone.


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