GAME Australia drops price on Batman: Arkham City

Leigh Harris
GAME Australia drops price on Batman: Arkham City

GAME Australia has announced an online-only pre-order special on Batman: Arkham City for AUD$88 on PS3 and 360, or AUD$78 on PC.

The move leaves GAME as the cheapest of the big three, with JB HiFi at AUD$94 and EB Games at AUD$98.

GAME is sporting the Batman Beyond in-game character skin (pictured), however the few dollars more seems to net you stronger in-game content.

JB HiFi is offering two alternative Batman skins, Robin as a playable character (with one extra skin) and 2 extra challenge maps to play on, and EB Games has the steel book case, Joker carnival challenge map, as well as a 70s Batman skin and a Batman Under the Red Hood DVD.

So while it might now be the cheapest option, fans of in-game content will still have a tough decision to make.


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