GAME: Don't forget about Q1, Q2 and Q3

Christopher Dring
GAME: Don't forget about Q1, Q2 and Q3

The Q4 marketing blitz revealed by MCV this morning follows a slow six months for new game releases – so maybe the industry will learn its lesson for 2012.

Certainly, GAME thinks things would be “better” if new releases were spread out across the year.

“It strikes me that there is a degree of consolidation of titles into Q4, and I can understand that,” GAME CEO Ian Shepherd told MCV. “For both the consumer and the retailer it would be better if it was more evenly spread than that.”

GAME revealed in its finances last month that 40 per cent of its revenue will be made during the Christmas run-in.

“It’s up to publishers and developers when they choose to bring products to market, and it is our job to create the maximum amount of theatre around these launches whenever they happen,” he added.


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