GAME on for Highbury mag

August 10th by Neil Long

Highbury Entertainment has struck a deal with GAME to publish the chain’s new in-store magazine, to be launched in September.

The specialist retail giant has awarded the contract to Highbury having previously teamed up with publishing rival Future to produce the GAME magazine.

“This is a significant magazine initiative for Highbury. It will allow games publishers to communicate with gamers at the point of purchase, and will be a highly influential official magazine in terms of converting readers into purchasers,” said Highbury MD Mike Frey (pictured).

“This Christmas and into 2006 will be perhaps the most exciting time yet for gamers with the launch of Sony’s PSP, followed by Microsoft’s next generation console, Xbox 360, and Sony’s PlayStation 3."

“GAME magazine will allow games publishers to communicate directly with gamers on the High Street about their releases for these platforms.”

The deal adds the GAME magazine to Highbury’s existing portfolio of games magazines, which includes gamesTM, Cube, XBM and P2.


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