GAME's banks hires PwC to conduct strategic review

Christopher Dring
GAME's banks hires PwC to conduct strategic review

GAME's lenders have asked PwC to assess the firm's medium and long-term future.

The firm will look to understand how much of GAME's issues are down to structural decline facing games retail and how much is down to the console cycle, reports The Telegraph.

GAME is currently working on a new strategic plan, which could mean better supplier arrangements - similar to the deal HMV has struck with its music and DVD suppliers.

It follows the emergency deal GAME struck with its banks in order to keep it in business.

According to the report, even if PwC feels there is a terminal problem with games retail, it could still benefit from the mid-term boost of new console launches such as Wii U. And this is likely to satisfy lenders.

MCV has contacted GAME for an update on this and further information about the proposed sale of the company's international store portfolio.


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Game over?

If Game are to survive at all, they need to act quickly and decisively.

It would appear on the surface that the majority of their recent losses are from their international stores. Either shut them down or pay another retailer to take them off their hands. Whatever is the cheapest option. If some are profitable then the money obtained from sales will be surely needed to help keep the UK stores afloat.

They will then be in the position to concentrate on their approx 600 UK stores. Which is obviously far too many. Conduct a realistic review of each stores profitability both now and in the medium term, and then they will be in the position to form a business plan for the future.

If they do this they will be in the position to get support from lenders and suppliers, if they do nothing they will be the architect of their own demise.

i know this might all sound very obvious, so why have they not acted before now?

Phil Robinson

Phil Robinson ELITE GAMER
Feb 14th 2012 at 11:54PM

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