Game, set and match?

After last week’s cover story on the success of DS in the handheld battle (‘Advantage Nintendo’ MCV 7/7), retailers have been falling over themselves to praise Nintendo’s new home console after a recent preview event. But many have suggested that to make the very most of the console’s potential, it must arrive at a low price.

“You have to take your hat off to Nintendo,” said head of Choices UK’s games buying team Martin Baxter. “They’re trying to deliver a games console to a non-gaming sector. We’re hoping for a £140-£150 mark. The danger is that it’s up against Xbox 360, which might have had its price point reduced by then.

“In addition, if Nintendo does get Wii to market ahead of Sony’s PS3 – say, at some point in September – that would be even better.”

Woolworths’ entertainment planning manager Stuart Honnor added: “If it doesn’t come around the same time as PS3 I’d be very surprised. We’d hope it would be under £200, to really make the most of the console’s potential.”

And the word from online is equally positive, with’s Gian Luzio asserting: “I do think it will work in the  mainstream. Whatever they price it at I’m sure it’ll be aggressive.”


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