GAMEfest tickets go on sale

Dominic Sacco
GAMEfest tickets go on sale

Tickets for the first ever UK GAMEfest show have gone on sale.

GAME reward card owners can buy tickets from the GAMEfest website, while those without loyalty cards can sign up for one first at or in-store. Tickets cost £10 for customers over 12 years old or £5 for those under 12.
GAMEfest runs from September 16th to September 18th at the Birmingham NEC. Attendees will be able to play the latest video games from an array of publishers.

Sony, THQ, Bethesda and Sega will have a presence at the show, as will Microsoft, Nintendo, EA, Activision and Disney.

“GAMEfest is really shaping up as the place to be to get first hands-on with the titles coming out before Christmas,” said GAME’s marketing director Anna-Marie Mason.

“We’re confident that gamers across the country will snap up the tickets so they can play the most anticipated titles of the year before anyone else.”

GAMEfest takes place a few days before the 2011 Eurogamer Expo which runs from September 22nd to September 25th. Day tickets cost £10 for this consumer show, while afternoon entry costs £7.50.


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