Games Media Awards finalists revealed

The awards will take place on Thursday October 11th at the Soho Revue Bar, London and will see 15 awards being given out across three categories of Mainstream Media, Specialist Games Media (Print) and Specialist Games Media (Online).


Mainstream Media

Games Writer on a National Newspaper

Greg Howson (The Guardian)
Jonathan Weinberg (The Sun)
Nigel Kendall (The Times)
Rebecca Armstrong (Independent)
Steve Boxer (The Guardian)

Games Writer on a Lifestyle Magazine

Chris Burke (Loaded)
Daniel Booth (Nuts)
Rob Waugh (Live Magazine)
Simon Munk (FHM)
Will Findlater (Stuff)

Games Writer on a Mainstream Website

Darren Waters (BBC)
David Clack (FHM)
David McComb (Empire Online)
Mark Gilbert (News Of The World)
Stephen Daultrey (Maxim)

Regional Games Column

David Crookes (Bolton Evening News)
Ewan Ross (Liverpool Echo)
Steve Lawson (Daily Record)
Steve Wollaston (Midland Weekly Media)
Steven Fox (Metro)

Best Games-Dedicated Broadcast on Mainstream TV or Radio

Johnny Minkley (Radio One)
Game On (BBC Five Live)
Gamer.TV (Bravo)
Matt Cuttle (Gamers)
Re:Loaded (Channel M)

Specialist Games Media (Print)

PlayStation Magazine

Play (Imagine)
Official PlayStation Magazine (Future)
PSM3 (Future)
PSU3 (Imagine)
PSW (Future)

Xbox Magazine

360 (Imagine)
360 Gamer (Uncooked)
Official Xbox 360 Magazine (Future)
X360 (Imagine)
Xbox World 360 (Future)

Nintendo Magazine

NGamer (Future)
nRevolution (Imagine)
Official Nintendo Magazine (Future)

Multi-Format Magazine

GamesMaster (Future)
GamesTM (Imagine)
Edge (Future)
Retro Gamer (Imagine)

Overall Games Magazine

Jury to state one magazine from their nominations above, or a PC magazine.

Best Writer on a Specialist Magazine

Darren Jones (Retro Gamer, Imagine)
Jon Blyth (PC Zone, Future)
Kieron Gillen (PC Gamer, Future)
Martin Mathers (Official Nintendo Magazine, Future)
Tony Mott (Edge, Future)

Specialist Games Media (Online

Games Website – News

Games Website: Reviews & Features

Games Podcast

Cheap Ass Gamer's CAGcast
One Life Left
PC Gamer

Non-Commercial Website or Blog

Game Over, Yeah
Idle Thumbs
UK: Resistance

Best Writer in Specialist Digital Media

Alex Sassoon Coby (Gamespot)
Andy Robinson (
Gary Cutlack (UK:R)
Ryan King (
Tom Bramwell (Eurogamer)


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