Games Media Awards unveiled

Intent Media is to launch The Games Media Awards 2007, which will take place at the Soho Revue Bar, Brewer Street, London on Thursday October 11th. It will put the opinion formers all under one roof for the night whilst they battle it out for a dozen much coveted prizes.

It is the perfect curtain-raiser for Q4, with media attending a high profile event just as PR initiatives reach their climax.

Importantly, all media will be invited free to the event, as guests of a limited number of key sponsors.

Over 250 people will attend during the evening, with categories set to include everything from specialist and non-specialist websites to print publications, online and broadcast TV shows, podcasts, national newspapers, consumer press, design, reviews and promotions.

“Diversity of coverage is key to the games industry’s connection with consumers, but many within the wider media do not feel appreciated. Some have told us they don’t think they have a genuine enough relationship with the companies and products that they are writing about,” commented Intent Media boss Stuart Dinsey.

“The Games Media Awards will look to change that. They will build stronger ties between the games industry and media at all levels.”

The GMAs will be voted by the industry itself, with more information coming soon in MCV print and online.

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