Games TV ads: The top ten publishers of 2011

Dominic Sacco
Games TV ads: The top ten publishers of 2011

We reveal the top ten games publishers which had the most watched TV advertising campaigns last year.

Nintendo faced little opposition as it graced our screens every week of 2011. It advertised almost three times as many campaigns as second-placed Ubisoft, with each campaign on average achieving 235 TVRs.

One TVR is equivalent to one per cent of a target audience, but an ad can receive over 100 TVRs if it’s played multiple times.

Microsoft employed heavyweight tactics to ensure third place despite only airing ten TV campaigns. On average, their campaigns had the highest level of support, with 307 TVRs. 

Despite airing fewer spots, Bethesda beat Warner Bros into ninth place. This was thanks to each of their titles reaching over 200 TVRs. 

The top ten publishers accounted for 86 per cent of all games and consoles TV advertising in 2011.

Data supplied by Generation Media


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