MCV @ GAMESCOM: 'It's not over for Xbox in Europe'

Christopher Dring
MCV @ GAMESCOM: 'It's not over for Xbox in Europe'

Microsoft hit Cologne yesterday with an impressive Gamescom showing, insisting that it can fight back in the battle against PlayStation.

The Xbox brand has had a tough 12 months in Europe. In the firm’s traditional stronghold, the UK, PS4 has taken a big lead. The machine is still unavailable in numerous European markets, while Microsoft has recently cut staff from its Xbox European team.

Yet in a confident press conference, Xbox showed off a plethora of European- developed titles, ‘console exclusive’ indie games and a series of hardware bundles featuring FIFA, Sunset Overdrive and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

“We have a lower entry price point and we think we have the best line-up of exclusive games,” Xbox VP of marketing Mike Nichols told MCV @ Gamescom.

“The bundles we have talked about today, we think they give people a really good reason to purchase Xbox One.

“We’re making a really good case to customers, and in particular those Xbox 360 customers that have not upgraded yet.

“It is super-early when you think about the whole console lifecycle.

“We are heading into the second holiday and we think we have a very compelling offer.” 


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