GameSeek to raise Switch price back up to RRP

Katharine  Byrne
Stephen Staley

After honoring its Switch pre-order price of £198.50, UK retailer GameSeek has told MCV that it will be raising the price of the console to match its RRP of £279.99.

“We do everything we can for our customers, but keeping [Switch] at this price post-launch is impossible due to the amount we are losing on every unit,” said managing director Stephen Staley. “Post-launch the price will have to go back up to the Nintendo RRP sadly.”

GameSeek was one of the first retailers in the UK to open pre-orders for Nintendo’s new console. However, while many of its rivals opted for a higher pre-order price, such as GAME whose initial online placeholder was priced at a whopping £999.99 (the difference of which would, of course, be refunded at launch), Staley says he was convinced the console would launch for under £200 and decided to price his pre-orders accordingly.

“The speculation at the time was that the console was going to be below £200 as per the Nintendo Wii launch,” he said. “I also believed that Nintendo wouldn’t make the same mistake as they did with the pricing on the Wii U. I hoped that it would be below £200 to give it the best possible chance of being a success.”

When asked if GameSeek was making a loss on its pre-order sales, Staley replied, “Yes, of course.”

The good news is that GameSeek has been able to deliver every last pre-order in time for launch day: “Every single unit will be sent on time to arrive with the customer on release,” said Staley. “This has already been confirmed to every customer.”


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