Gamestop digital sales climb in Q2

Erik Johnson
Gamestop digital sales climb in Q2

Gamestop has reported its Q2 sales figures for the period ending July 28th, showing strong growth in the retailer’s digital sector.

The company posted a 27 per cent increase in the digital department, reaching $134m in revenue.

Gamestop’s ‘other’ category includes its digital business, and that particular area saw over a 40 per cent rise in sales to $330.8m during the period.

The retailer’s pre-owned side ended up outperforming sales of new products, despite a decrease of over 11 per cent year over year to $562.2m.

Mobile sales are on pace to hit the $150-$200m mark for the company’s fiscal year.

GameStop’s global sales for the period hit $1.55bn, down 11 per cent from the $1.74bn total from the same quarter a year prior.


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