GameStop reveals Watch Dogs trade-in discount deal

Ben Parfitt
GameStop reveals Watch Dogs trade-in discount deal

It’s a brave new next-gen world out there, and with it comes a new era in higher-price trade-in prices.

GameStop has revealed a part-exchange offer for the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Watch Dogs, but the retailer is asking for an unusually high £14.97 from interested punters.

To take part customers need pre-order Watch Dogs for either format before March 24th. They will then receive an envelope in which an eligible boxed next-gen game can be returned (the full list is here).

Upcoming releases such as Titanfall and InFamous: Second Son are included in the offer

Once that’s been received and vetted by the retailer customer’s pre-orders will be amended to £14.97 and the game will be sent out in time for its release on May 27th.


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