GDC: Rare's Viva Piñata to fight on

Gamesindustry reports that Microsoft-owned UK developer Rare has confirmed that it will continue to support the colourful children’s Xbox 360 franchise Viva Piñata until at least the end of the decade.

“We’d have obviously like more sales, but we were happy with the game and critically it has gone down very well,” Rare’s head of production Lee Schuneman stated. “If the sales were there to match that we'd be over the moon, but they're not. Although that doesn't mean we don't believe in the franchise.”

“We’re pleased with the overall support that it has got and there’s more to come within that franchise.”

Viva Piñata is leading Microsoft’s attempts to increase its penetration in the children’s market. The associated animated series hit the UK this week after already enjoying success on US TV screens.

"The TV show has been doing well in North America and it's got pretty good figures," commented Schuneman. "It launched in the UK this week on Nicktoons and it's due in the rest of Europe later this year. It's a two or three year push, and if after that it's a terrible failure then we'll say fair enough.”

After failing to break into the All Formats Top 40 upon its release, Microsoft and Rare will be hoping that the arrival of the cartoon can help revitalise UK sales.


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