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Gian Luzio leaves The Hut

Christopher Dring
Gian Luzio leaves The Hut

The Hut product director Gian Luzio has left the retailer after less than a year.

Luzio joined the firm following a successful stint at, where he helped grow the firm's video games range.

The Hut CEO Matthew Moulding stated: “Gian made a positive impact on the business during the year, playing an important role in launching a number of new product categories and growing the merchandising team.

"He is a lively character who will no doubt have a positive impact in whatever role he goes onto to do next. We wish him all the best.”

Luzio added: “I have really enjoyed my time at The Hut Group and believe I have made an important contribution to what has been a very good year for the business, substantially growing both market share and product offering.

"I am now looking to relocate back to Cambridge with my family in search of a drier climate!”


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