‘Give us the 20Gb PS3’

In its European PS3 launchplan (MCV Newsflash 24/01), Sony revealed that the decision to only launch with a 60Gb model only was down to “retail and consumer demand”.
But retailers have told MCV that they would welcome the 20Gb SKU, whilst conceding that rolling out a single version at launch may prove a wise move.

Senior product manager at Gamestation Anna Downing told MCV: “When you take into consideration the high price point of PS3, along with software and technology to support its full potential, there is definitely room for the 20Gb SKU in the UK market. However, early adopters will choose the 60Gb model, as was evident with the 360 launch.”

Senior buying manager of games at Tesco Dan Cook agreed. “The split we have seen on Xbox 360 suggests that a later launch of a ‘core’ product is not a bad idea,” he told MCV. “But launching with one SKU makes things easier for retailers like us.”

Console and video games manager at Amazon James Schall added that he would have liked to be able to give customers the option from launch: “I like the concept of allowing the consumer to choose his entry level into next-gen gaming.”

And it’s not just retail – consumer forums discussing the 20Gb PAL no-show are full of disgruntled fans.

A 20Gb-themed thread on ‘semi-official’ PS3 blog Three Speech includes comments such as: “Yet another time that the UK gets ripped off”, “20Gb, I’m waiting for you” and “Pre-order cancelled”.

Eurogamer’s forum even encourages members to sign a petition for Sony to launch the system.

One user posted an email he sent to Sony on the site, which reads: “I see you plan to release the less expensive 20GB based on ‘demand’. Well, I demand that you release it.”

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