Glu CEO reckons Google Glass will 'revolutionise' games

Craig Chapple
Glu CEO reckons Google Glass will 'revolutionise' games

Wearable technology such as Google Glass could have a revolutionary impact on games, claims the CEO of Glu Mobile.

Speaking to Venturebeat, Niccolo de Masi said the company had always backed Google's technology early, and felt there was room for Glass "to be a phone replacer in the long-term". The studio is already looking to get into the wearable tech market with word game Spellista.

"Every five or ten years, something more revolutionary than evolutionary comes along," said de Masi. "It’s been six or seven years since the first iPhone. This could be one of those moments. The next seven years could well be a wearable wave. It could happen as fast or even faster than the smartphone, this PC in your pocket."

Develop has more details.


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