GMAs: Specialist Games Media Finalists (Print)

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GMAs: Specialist Games Media Finalists (Print)
The Games Media Awards have been created to reward the very best in games journalism – specialist and mainstream, in print and online.

The winners will be unveiled and celebrated at the Soho Revue Bar on the evening of Thursday October 11th. The finalists, listed over the next few pages, represent the games industry’s most important links to the consumer.

Here's a closer look at the finalists for the Specialist Games Media (Print) category:


Official PlayStation Magazine

“Obviously it’s an honour to be nominated alongside every other PlayStation magazine. I hope that since we launched last year we’ve offered consistent proof that an Official licence doesn’t preclude editorial excellence. And if we don't win expect a Kanye-style strop.”
Tim Clark, Editor


“It’s great to see a new magazine like PSU3 nominated and be recognised for doing something different from your average games magazine. We’ve strived to create a magazine that appeals to an older, more demanding reader and we feel that we’ve achieved just that with PSU3.”
Nick Jones, Editor in Chief


“We’ve just reached our milestone 100th issue, which makes PSW one of the longest running PlayStation mags on the shelves. In fact, our 100th issue goes on sale the very day we’ll be waiting to see if we’ve scooped the grand prize. Hopefully we can scoop the best birthday prize yet.”
Ian Dean, Editor


“Huge thanks to everyone who's helped us become the UK's best-selling independent Playstation magazine: most importantly, our readers, who continue to be the most discerning, enthusiastic, hardcore and, despite our best efforts to the contrary, well-informed gamers in the UK.”
Dan Dawkins, Editor


“Play is long overdue some kudos for its longevity, quality and its phenomenal performance on the newsstands over the years. Gamers have long acknowledged Play as an outstanding magazine and It’s incredibly satisfying to see it finally get some recognition from the industry.”
Nick Jones, Editor in Chief


360 Gamer

“The growth of the magazine’s readership since launch has been fantastic. Whilst 360 Gamer’s frequency is more intensive, we’re now reaching more people in three weeks than its nearest competitor is doing in four – see the ABCs if you don’t believe me.”
Darren Herridge, Editorial Director


“It’s an honour to be nominated for a specialist press award in the first Games Media Awards. The market-leading position X360 has earned in the last two years is thanks in no small part to its incredible production values and unequalled promotional package. But the real heroes are the editorial team.”
Russell Barnes, Editor

Xbox World 360

“It’s been a fantastic 18 months for Xbox World 360, with the latest ABCs – in which we posted a 30 per cent rise – confirming our position as the UK’s number one unofficial. In a competitive market, we’ve consistently delivered great sales and an outstanding editorial package.”
Tim Weaver, Editor

Official Xbox 360 Magazine

“With so many media gongs being handed out at the moment, it’s great to have one that’s specific to our industry and recognises the contribution that the games press can make. It’s a fantastic finish to a year that’s seen the OXM become the UK’s best-selling video games title.”
Emma Parkinson, Publisher


“As the first Xbox 360 dedicated magazine to hit the shelves close to two years ago, it’s fantastic to see 360 get the recognition that it rightly deserves. From its inception, 360 has been a magazine trying to change what it means to write about games. We expect 360 to go from strength to strength.”
Simon Phillips, Editor in Chief


Official Nintendo Magazine

“The ONM team are massively honoured to have been nominated for this award. The mag’s relaunch came at a tough time, what with it being a console transition period but we’re finally at a stage where Nintendo’s success is plain for all to see.”
Chandra Nair, Editor


“This nomination has made our day. NGamer has had to live up to a fearsome 20-year legacy of fantastic Nintendo mags from Future – the likes of Super Play, N64, and NGC. Thanks to my brilliantly enthusiastic team, I think we've done it – bottling that special brand of Nintendo magic.”
Mark Green, Editor


“It’s going really well – since we’ve taken it on, we’ve been doing various things to improve the mag. The new sections covering retro games and virtual console have gone down well, and we’re introducing more and more fun and interactive elements. The new price point has also been key.”
Andy Dyer, Editor



“GamesMaster is the UK’s longest running games magazine and the best selling unofficial title. It’s been an essential part of gamers’ lives since 1993. This magazine’s readers love games and love telling their friends what they should be playing. GamesMaster fuels this passion with exclusives, packed pages and enthusiasm unmatched by any other mag.”
Robin Alway, Editor


“GamesTM’s nomination is fantastic news. Readers and industry figures alike have always shown huge support for our title, and it’s great to hear that all the hard work the team puts into the magazine every month is still being recognised.
“It’s wonderful to think that as the quality of the title goes from strength to strength, so too will its standing within the industry.”
Rick Porter, Editor


“Edge has been running for 14 years – a long time to stick around in the world of video game magazines. We’ve seen other multi-format mags come and go in that time, but I think we’re still successful today because we’ve always focused on high-quality editorial, and tried to make something we believe in. Thank you to everyone who continues to support Edge and what it stands for.”
Tony Mott, Editor in Chief

Retro Gamer

“Well this is a pleasant surprise and no mistake. Ever since I was placed in charge of Retro Gamer’s revival, I’ve always wanted to create a title that was funny, entertaining to read, and above all, passionate about gaming’s rich and varied history. Over the last year, I really do feel that the magazine has gone from strength to strength and has evolved into a truly essential read ”
Darran Jones, Editor


Our jury of discerning industry types have been asked to to state one magazine in order to crown the finest games magazine on the market at this year’s GMAs.

Past MCV Excellence Awards point toward a strong showing from Future and Highbury flagship magazines Edge and GamesTM, but expect a variety of other magazines to be in the running for this prestigious accolade.

Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft and PC magazines are all being considered alongside multi-format and retro offerings. But you’ll have to wait until October 11th to find out who claims the title of best games mag on the market.


Kieron Gillen
(PC Gamer, Future)

Kieron's managed to peddle his own brand of ludicrous pretension, nob gags and questionable grammar for at least ten years now. You’d have thought PC Gamer would have seen sense. He’s just launched the blog, and also writes for Eurogamer and The Escapist.

Tony Mott
(Edge, Future)

Tony Mott’s video game journalism career began in 1994 when he joined SNES magazine Super Play as a staff writer. In the years since he has also worked in video game production and marketing. Outside of Edge, he launched Channel 4’s Teletext-based GameCentral, and Future’s independent Nintendo magazine, NGamer.

Martin Mathers
(Official Nintendo Magazine, Future)

An old hand (with the emphasis on old), Martin’s industry experience spans almost 15 years with nine of them focused exclusively on magazines. He’s helped launch numerous publications from CUBE to nRevolution, has edited GamesTM, and has also written for X360 and Go>Play, among many others.

Jon Blyth
(PC Zone, Future)

Blyth would send picture after picture to the staff of Zzap! 64, in the poorly thought-out belief that they'd like his words and drawings so much, they’d come around his house and take it in turns to play Wizball. 21 years later, this still hasn't happened. Being nominated for this award, however, has reaffirmed his belief that one day, it will.

Darran Jones
(Retro Gamer, Imagine)

Jones has already used his GMA nomination to demand a big pay rise, make reservations at various swanky restaurants and to get into all the best nightclubs in Bournemouth. So, even if he doesn’t win the actual award, he feels that the nomination itself has been worth it. His credits include GamesTM and Retro Gamer.


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