Good day for next-gen mags in ABCs

ABC's figures show that the readership of Future Publishing’s Official Nintendo and Official Xbox 360 magazines have both jumped up significantly – as have that of Imagine Publishing’s X360 and Uncooked Media’s 360 Gamer.

Official Xbox 360’s monthly circulation figure is up from the 42,680 recorded last August to over 56,000, while Official Nintendo has enjoyed a 17 per cent rise in the same period to 43,000.

360 Gamer has grown from 9,100 to more than 10,600, while X360’s readership has increased 20 per cent to more than 28,000 since February 2006.

Xbox 360 World, another Future publication, held firm at around 23,000, but 360 from Imagine fell marginally from 13,098 to 11,369.

Multi-platform titles have also performed respectably. Future’s GamesMaster has slightly increased its readership  to around 54,000, while Edge has crept up four per cent to 35,145. Imagine’s GamesTM holds at just over 20,000.

Elsewhere, the transitional period between Sony consoles has had a negative effect on PlayStation magazine sales.

The monthly circulation of Future’s OPSM2 has dropped 24 per cent to 76,351, while the publisher's PSW mag is down 8,500 to just over 26,000. The readership of the publisher’s PSM2 has decreased 25 per cent to over 26,500 as it continues its transition to PSM3.

Imagine’s Play is the most widely read unofficial PlayStation mag with a 29,000 circulation – but is still down 37.5 per cent compared to 12 months ago. The publisher’s PowerStation is also down from the 22,288 it recorded in February 2006, to 15,171.

Circulation of Future’s PC titles has also declined slightly. PC Zone is down from just over 30,000 to 27,000, while PC Gamer has lost 1,675 readers to just over 43,600.


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