Government backs ‘Buzz! for schools’

Buzz!: The Schools Quiz contains questions based around the Key Stage 2 National Curriculum to assist primary school pupils with their learning. It contains 5,000 posers created by teachers that cover core subjects from ‘Ancient Egypt’ to ‘Weather’.

The title has been designed as a teaching tool, and will be available to purchase by schools. It introduces ‘Teacher Features’, including a ‘Create A Quiz’ function that allows tutors to organise revision exercises on single subjects.

But with Government plans to make sweeping changes to UK school tests imminent – bringing them in line with a new ‘personalised learning’ model – it remains to be seen how relevant a game based on the current National Curriculum will prove to be.

“We are incredibly excited about this project,” said co-founder of Relentless David Amor. “Using the buzzers and the quiz format means the game is instantly accessible – and works on the basis that kids learn more when they’re having fun. Learning games like this will, we hope, give teachers an extra tool in the classroom.”

A preliminary version of Buzz!: The Schools Quiz will be shown at the BETT Show at London’s Olympia from January 10th – 13th, before being trialled in primary schools nationwide.

“Buzz has proven itself a hugely successful family home entertainment franchise for over 750,000 UK PlayStation owners,” said Ray Maguire, managing director of Sony computer entertainment UK. “Taking this proven format into the educational sector with brand new curriculum-relevant content created by teachers seems a potent new addition to the teacher’s portfolio.”


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