Gran Turismo 5 over a year away?

Ben Parfitt
Despite the fact that a demo of Polyphony Digital’s highly anticipated racer is already up and available to download from PS3’s PlayStation Network, the game’s creators have warned that the final version of Gran Turismo 5 might not arrive until late 2008.

CVG’s Mike Jackson reports that the game’s director Kaunori Yamauchi has stated that the earliest it could possibly arrive would be spring next year – but insisted that Sony is more than willing to push the release back to ensure the game is as good as it possibly can be.

Cars are named as one of the key reasons for the delay – apparently it takes 180 days for an in-game model to be built for GT5, significantly more than the 30 days it took for the car models in GT3.

In addition, crash damage has been ruled of the game, with Yamauchi insisting that to implement such a feature would require a complete re-working of the physics and car models. He did add though that post-release downloadable cars are a certainty.


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