Gran Turismo 5 Prologue dated

Ben Parfitt
Having altered things ever so slightly since its last release schedule, Sony has confirmed that the long-awaited Gran Turismo 5 Prologue will be released on Wednesday March 26th in the UK for £24.99.

That’s the date for the Blu-Ray version, at least. A download-only PSN version will arrive a day later – and whilst no price has yet been confirmed for this, if the company follows the same model as it did for Incognito’s Warhawk then the online version should be a shade cheaper.

Also confirmed for March 27th is the launch of a GT5 Prologue PS3 bundle, which will include the disc version of the game, a 40GB PS3 and Sixaxis joypad for £299.99.

The game itself, a precursor to the 2009 release of the full-blooded Gran Turismo 5, includes 71 cars, six tracks and online multiplayer for up to 16 gamers. It also boasts Gran Turismo TV, which will offer racing-related video content and even episodes of the BBC’s popular Top Gear.


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