Grand Theft Auto tops chart

EA’s FIFA World Cup Germany 2006 is relegated to second spot, whilst Nintendo’s Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training climbs one place to claim third place. Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer 5 is another climber, rising to number four.

Eidos’ Hitman: Blood Money drops three spots to five, much like stable mate Tomb Raider: Legend at six. Nintendo’s new Nintendogs addition, Dalmation and Friends, enters the top ten for the first time in seventh, and Midway’s Rise and Fall: Civilisations at climbs to eight.

Codemasters’ retro-revival Sensible Soccer 2006 falls three places to ninth position, just ahead of Nintendo’s ever-present Animal Crossing: Wild World, which falls two spots to number ten.

There are three other new entries in the Top 40: Activision’s Over the Hedge at 12th, Koei’s Xbox 360 fighter Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires at 13th and Sony’s LocoRoco at 25th.


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