Grand Theft Auto V breaks PSN sales records

Ben Parfitt
Grand Theft Auto V breaks PSN sales records

Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V has not just been breaking records on the High Street.

The PlayStation Blog has confirmed that the digital version of the game available for £49.99 on the PlayStation Network has broken the previous sales record enjoyed by The Last of Us to become the biggest ever digital release on the platform.

It may well have been helped, of course, by the fact that the game continues to be relatively hard to come by in some areas.

Also note that the game achieved these sales success despite plenty of talk online about the alleged technical failings of the PSN release – allegations that Rockstar has refused to acknowledge from the off, incidentally.

What also remains unclear is exactly how many copies sold on PSN. Does the fact that  FIFA 14 – a game that costs £59.99 to download or less than £39.99 I shops – was second in the PSN chart this week suggest that sales still remain relatively small?


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