Grand Theft Auto V price roundup - where's cheapest?

Ben Parfitt
Grand Theft Auto V price roundup - where's cheapest?

It could be the biggest release of all time, so has Grand Theft Auto V sent UK retail into a fierce price war?


The truth is it’s not 2009 anymore and the days of retailers racing to the bottom are distant history. The result is that the cheapest you can buy Grand Theft Auto V in the UK on the High Street today, no strings attached, is £38 from Tesco.

Alternatively, Tesco will sell it to you for £32 if you also buy a Xbox Live or PSN points card varying between £17.50 and £40.

Here’s a run-down of today’s High Street prices:

TESCO – £38
(Or £32 with an Xbox Live or PSN points/subscription card priced between £17.70 and £40)

ASDA – £39.97

MORRISONS – £39.99

SAINSBURY'S – £41.99

GAME – £44.99 (trade-in offers also available)

ARGOS – £42.99

BLOCKBUSTER – £44.99 (trade-in offers also available)

HMV – £46.99


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