GTA pulled in US

July 21st by Ben Parfitt

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas has been pulled from the shelves of many US retailers, including Wal Mart, following the ESRB’s decision to change its age rating from ‘Mature’ to ‘Adults Only’.

Rockstar has ceased manufacturing the game and is distributing the appropriate ‘AO’ age rating stickers to retailers that wish to continue selling the product. The company intends to commence manufacturing the game once the code has either been removed or rendered fully inaccessible.

The move follows an admission from Rockstar that the sexual content of the infamous ‘Hot Coffee’ mini-game is in fact included on the disc, albeit in a supposedly inaccessible form. The company has previously claimed that the game was the work of hackers and not included in the retail product.

“The credibility of the ESRB rating has been seriously undermined,” claimed ESRB chief Patricia Vance. Furthermore, the ESRB has reviewed the standards for its ratings and now requires that all contents on a game disc is presented at submission, even that which is not intended to be accessed by players.


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