Halo 3 to arrive in spring 2007

The news coincides with the fifth anniversary of the release of the original Halo game and will see Halo 3 available as an Xbox Live multiplayer public beta next spring. As well as giving gamers a taster of the title, it will also provide consumers with the opportunity to actually participate in the creation of the final Halo 3 game. Through the resulting feedback, Bungie Studios will be able to further refine the end result of Halo 3.

In addition, Microsoft and Bungie will be rolling out a 60-second Halo 3 teaser ad this Christmas period. The commercial will be broadcast in North America on December 4th and gamers in Europe will be able to view the ad simultaneously via Xbox.com.

And further Halo news comes as Microsoft reveals that additional premium downloadable content will be available for Halo 2 in spring 2007.

“Since its original release, Halo 2 has redefined online play, delivering superior multiplayer capabilities in addition to an incredible social experience, nurturing a constantly growing community through Xbox Live,” said Shane Kim, corporate vice president of Microsoft Game Studios. “ After five years of rabid fan interest in the Halo franchise and more than four million users now on Xbox Live worldwide and counting, this is the perfect time to invite fans to join the global Halo phenomenon.”

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