Hardware emulation dropped from US PS3

Ben Parfitt
SCEA has confirmed to Next-Gen’s Kris Graft that the upcoming 80GB model of its PS3 console will drop the current hardware-based emulation found in North American units in favour of the software emulation employed in PAL machines.

“The current 60 GB model utilizes a hardware and solution for backwards compatibility, namely the Emotion Engine chip,” SCEA's Kimberly Otzman said.

“The new 80 GB PS3 will use a software solution for backwards compatibility, similar to that currently found in the PAL model.”

Sony announced prior to the European launch of the machine that PAL consoles would not feature the PS2’s emotion chip, and would instead use software emulation to play older games – a controversial measure at the time, as this method does not ensure 100 per cent backwards compatibility, forcing users to download patches to ensure the smooth running of games.


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