Harrison says it is too early to judge PS3

Ben Parfitt
Sony Worldwide Studios boss Phil Harrison has told US games mag Game Informer that people should be cautious about jumping to early conclusions about PS3’s long-term potential, citing that fact that both PSOne and PS2 got off to slow starts.

“It’s always dangerous to judge any system by its launch line-up,” he stated. “You only have to go back to the games that launched with PSOne and PS2.

“If you took those few dozen titles and analysed them, you would never have imagined that either of those formats would have gone on to sell over 100 million units each.

“We have a larger platform-dedicated development resource than our competitors combined. So all of that goes towards the fact that the best games with the best technology are coming exclusively to Sony platforms."

Harrison went on to add that he expects Sony’s highly anticipated PS3 social networking hub Home to go live in October, saying that he is pleased with the progress so far.


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