HDMI for standard 360?

Ben Parfitt
With recent rumours suggesting that Microsoft’s upgraded Xbox 360 Elite could be on the way to Europe as soon as this August, peripheral manufacturer XMC has claimed that it has a new cable on the way that will render one of Elite’s main functions redundant.

CVG’s Mike Jackson reports that XMC says its new cable will allow for HDMI output – one of the key features of the upgraded Elite machine – on a standard white Xbox 360.

“The cable itself is nearly finished and will be completed in approximately four weeks and promises to allow 1080p output on a regular white original Xbox 360,” the firm claims.

Seeing as common belief dictates that Xbox 360 cannot currently output a digital signal, it seems likely that XMC’s cable simply pumps the machine’s standard analogue signal through a digital connection.

However, if it transpires that the add-on can produce a genuine digital signal, it will represent a significant step up in functionality for gamers with a hi-def TV set.


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