HMV: 'Games industry needs to support us'

Christopher Dring
HMV: 'Games industry needs to support us'

Record companies and movie studios rallied around HMV earlier this year.

Now it is time for the games industry to step up.

Speaking to MCV, HMV CEO Simon Fox has issued a call to publishers for better support following its traumatic start to the year.

The retailer is now back from the brink and is gearing up for what could be the most critical Q4 in its 90-year history.

“Frankly, games folk need to support us in the way film and music have,” said Fox.

“Those industries have been really supportive of us. We want to work closely with game suppliers and make it a highly successful season for everybody.

“We’ve been through a tough time and now it is about resetting our agenda and starting the process of rebuilding confidence.”
HMV survived its recent troubles, but is still suffering from a negative perception in the media.

“We are a brand that journalists like to write about and our premature demise has been written about often, and that is really destabilising for staff and suppliers,” added Fox. “We are not where we want to be, but we are going to be around and we have a clear set of plans that have to be delivered.”


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I wish HMV all the best in their endeavours as we need the High Street to keep strong - But good luck with the games industry supporting you. Unless your name ends in or you also sell bread and Milk they are not interested. As long as Amazon and the supermarkets sell games in huge volumes the Games publishers do not care who suffers - I would like to know ( perhaps Ben from MCV can investigate) is anyone actually making any money from Game sales in the UK

Simon Gough

Simon Gough INDUSTRY
Aug 4th 2011 at 10:39AM

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"is anyone actually making any money from Game sales in the UK?"

I would say companies that take games as trade-ins, sell said games on at a 50% mark-up and then push pre-owned over new make a healthy profit.....

Jonathan O'Connor

Jonathan O'Connor INDUSTRY
Aug 4th 2011 at 1:25PM

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HMV might want support from the games industry, but from a consumer perspective, they need to support their customers. A small and perhaps petty example, Batman Arkahm City Collectors Edition was listed on as soon as it appeared on the official game website, HMV have finally managed to get their listing up today, 3 weeks later, artwork is still "coming soon" and there is no product description.

If HMV want sales they need to have the most up to date listings on their website and in store or else people will just make their pre orders elsewhere.

Roger Barrett

Roger Barrett INDUSTRY
Aug 5th 2011 at 8:45AM

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