How cheap is Apple's 'budget' iPhone 5C in the UK?

Ben Parfitt
How cheap is Apple's 'budget' iPhone 5C in the UK?

The UK’s mobile operators have announced their price plans for Apple’s new entry-level iPhone 5C.

As always, there’s a vast array of options that see you paying anything from nothing to £600 up front as well as the monthly payment plan.

EE is offering the 16GB version of the phone for just £9.99 up front if you commit to a 24-month £51 plan. The plan can be reduced to as little as £26 if you’re willing to pay £189.99 for the handset.

These prices increase considerably for the 12 month plans, with the cheapest tariff jumping to £41 with an up front fee of £439.99. The cheapest up front fee is £259.99 on the £66 per month tariff.

Make the jump to the 32GB iPhone 5C and you’ll see between £50 and £80 added to the handset cost.

Vodafone’s 24-month plans offer a free handset on its £47 and £52 a month contracts although its 12-month deals see the up front handset costs start at £109. This jumps to £149 for the 32GB version on its 12-month deal or £19 on a 24-month contract.

3 is asking for £49 up front for the phone across three different tariffs starting at £37 per month. Its 12-month deals add a fiver to each of its monthly payment plans.

O2’s Refresh plans are a little more confusing. For the 16GB model airtime plans come in at between £12 and £27 per month but users then face an array phone plan charges including a £600 up front cost or nothing up front and an additional £25 per month – plus a multitude of options in between.

These prices are all obviously increased for the 32GB version.

The UK networks have not yet revealed their iPhone 5S pricing. Both handsets will be released in the UK on September 20th.


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