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Hydrophobia kicks off Live promotion

Dominic Sacco
Hydrophobia kicks off Live promotion

Xbox Live's Hydrophobia is the lead game in Microsoft’s latest collection of digital titles – Game Feast.

Like its Summer of Arcade promotion which featured games such as Limbo and Lara Croft & The Guardian of Light, Game Feast is Microsoft’s pick of new downloadable titles in early Q4.

Hydrophobia will be available to download for 1,200 Microsoft Points (around £10) on September 29th, ahead of other digital games including comedy superhero action title Comic Jumper, Pinball FX 2 and platformer Super Meat Boy.

Set in an alternate future where the world is over-populated, Hydrophobia takes place on a city-sized ship sailing across the globe that is attacked by terrorists. As the crew’s engineer, Kate Wilson, players must use tools to solve a series of puzzles and avoid drowning on the lower decks.

The game features a new ‘Hydro’ engine that promises to model water realistically. It is in development at Dark Energy Digital and has been in production since 2007.


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