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IGN eclipses rivals in net ratings

According to traffic figures from Media Metrix/ComScore sent out by IGN today, the firm trounced rivals including CVG, GamesRadar and Eurogamer in the month.

The number is a new record for IGN, which only launched fully localised UK versions of its major gaming channels at the beginning of January.

IGN UK’s monthly users have increased from 2.5 million just six months ago, leading the firm to claim that one in eight UK internet users now accesses IGN.

Average time spent on the site has also shot up.

According to the statistics, Gamespot attracted 2.7 million unique visitors in the month, followed by Gamesradar with 997,000 and Eurogamer with 225,000.

Media Metrix/ComScore’s full list of unique users of games and entertainment sites in January reads:

  1    IGN Entertainment    4.1m
  2    IGN Entertainment -  Games    3.2m
  3    2.7m
  4    2.5m
  5    997,000
  6    MSN Movies - UK    980,000
  7    886,000
  8    IGN.COM Home Page    627,000
  9    534,000
  10    Yahoo! UK & Ireland Movies    516,000
  11    455,000
  12    225,000
  13    165,000
  14    93,000


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